Information Rights

Information Law Cornerstone
A Practitioner's Guide to Data Protection, Freedom of Information and other Information Rights.

Paterson's Licensing Acts 2020 including CD-ROM

ASB lawbrief
In one volume, Paterson's gives a detailed and clear analysis of new and forthcoming changes in licensing law and incorporates all relevant legislation, regulations, orders, standard forms and precedents.

Planning Obligations Demystified: A Practical Guide to Planning Obligations and Section 106 Agreements

Planning Obligations Cover
In this book we look at the requirements for a valid section 106 agreement and the underlying policy context. We also examine every day practical issues as to the contents of agreements and how certain issues can be resolved. Finally we consider the issue of enforcement of obligations in the event of non-compliance.

Law and Society in a Populist Age

ASB lawbrief
In Law and Society in a Populist Age: Balancing Individual Rights and the Common Good, Amitai Etzioni, one of the most respected thinkers in the US, argues for a new liberal communitarian approach as an effective response to populism. This recognizes that different members of the society have differing values, interests, and needs that cannot be fully reconciled to legislation in a populist age.

A Guide to Local Authority Companies and Partnerships (‘LACAP’)

LACAP 2020 160
‘An invaluable, comprehensive toolkit for lawyers, law firms and others advising on or participating in Local Authority Companies and Partnerships’ - Local Authority Chief Executive

Statutory Nuisance

Statutory Nuisance Cover
Guiding you through each step, Statutory Nuisance takes you from initial assessment of a potential nuisance, through document drafting to the magistrates' court and beyond to the higher courts.

Participation in Courts and Tribunals

ASB lawbrief
Participation in Courts and Tribunals is an invaluable resource that makes a compelling case for a principled, explicit commitment to supporting participation across the justice system of England and Wales and beyond.

A Practical Guide to Licensing Law for Commercial Property Lawyers

Licensing Law for Commercial Property Lawyers
This book is intended to assist commercial property practitioners who handle transactions involving licensed properties. It provides a concise overview, but hopefully, one which highlights issues of importance and when to seek further specialist advice.

Planning Enforcement

Planning Enforcement Cover
This new edition is essential reading for barristers and solicitors specialising in planning law, planning officers and consultants and academics.

A Practical Guide To Permitted Changes of Use (3rd ed)

Cornerstone on ASB
The Third Edition of the definitive guide to permitted changes of use law and practice.

Employment in Schools: A Legal Guide Second edition

ASB lawbrief
Employment in Schools is the first book available to tackle the distinctive legal and practical issues surrounding employing school staff. Teachers' terms are largely imposed by legislation specific to education and the relevant processes and structure of accountability are unique.

Cornerstone on Information Law

Cornerstone on Information Law
Cornerstone on Information Law is a one-volume practical guide focused on data protection law, freedom of information and the environmental information regulations. Covering the GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018, the title is up to date with adaptations to UK data protection law in the event of Brexit; while also explaining the law before Brexit, or if it does not occur.

Emergency Powers in a Time of Pandemic

ASB lawbrief
Written by an expert on constitutional law and human rights, this accessible book will shape how governments, opposition, courts and society as a whole view future pandemic emergency powers.

A Practical Guide To Planning, Highways And Development

Cornerstone on ASB
Managing and providing highways and highway improvements looms large in many building projects but the law and rules regulating their part in the planning and development processes are complex and widespread.

Cornerstone on Social Housing Fraud

ASB lawbrief
Social housing fraud is an important and high profile issue. This title provides a thorough overview of this regime and how local authorities can maximise their chances of recovering possession of properties affected by fraud, obtaining 'compensation' and securing a conviction, including techniques for effective evidence gathering.

Pease, Chitty and Cousins: Law of Markets and Fairs

Law of Markets
Containing in-depth commentary and analysis on the history of market and fair rights together with current developments in the law relating to franchise and statutory markets in the UK, this is the leading authority covering this complex area of law in the UK.

Essential Law for Cemetery and Crematorium Managers

Essential Law for Cemetery and Crematorium Managers
Commissioned by the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management (ICCM), and written for everyone involved in the bereavement industry this authoritative book provides a complete and practical guide to the law of burial and cremation as it currently applies in England and Wales.

Care Standards Legislation Handbook Seventh edition

ASB lawbrief
This seventh edition of the Care Standards Legislation Handbook collects in one place and presents in fully updated form all the legislation most needed by those involved in the workings of the regulatory systems, and the appeals processes, for care services in England and Wales.

After The Revolution: Lessons From Local Government On Designing A Dynamic Democracy

ASB lawbrief
Clive Stevens combines a lifetime of skills drawn from business, academia, local activism, parenting and politics to present a forensic, engaging analysis as to how and why political decisions are made.

Enemies of the People? How Judges Shape Society

ASB lawbrief
Joshua Rozenberg, Britain’s best-known commentator on the law, asks how judges can maintain public confidence while making hard choices.

Local Authority Charging and Trading Powers (LACAT)

The essential guide for English local authorities seeking to lawfully generate income from their statutory powers.

Licensing: The New Law Second edition

ASB lawbrief
The Licensing Act 2003 marked a major shift in licensing law and practice by introducing a new and unified system of alcohol and entertainment licensing. All of those involved in implementing, enforcing and advising upon the new regime need to have a detailed knowledge of the Act and subsequent regulations and guidance.

Running Elections 2022

running elections book
The complete guide to running lawful, free and fair elections designed specifically for returning officers, candidates, election agents, registration and elections staff and everyone else who might need to know how electoral law and practice is applied in the UK.

Court of Protection Made Clear: A User's Guide (revised 1st ed)

Cornerstone on ASB
The essential, plain English guide to Court of Protection law & practice.

Cornerstone on Anti-Social Behaviour

Cornerstone on ASB
Fully updated and providing analysis of the revised guidance with commentary explaining what the changes are and what they mean for those working in this area, the second edition of Cornerstone on Anti-social Behaviour remains the first port of call for every one working in the area of, and carrying out ASB work.

A Practical Guide to the Law Relating to Food

Food Law
‘A Practical Guide to The Law Relating to Food’ provides something for everyone, from food business owners seeking a general overview of key compliance issues, to food professionals wanting a quick refresher on specific topics, to students wanting to see how the theory plays out in the real world and, possibly, to others, with no more than a passing interest in how food law affects them.

The Power of Neighbourhood Planning

Cornerstone on ASB
How does a neighbourhood plan get off the ground? How do communities make sure that it comes into force? And, more importantly, what are the essential features of an effective plan; one that can withstand the often intense pressures for new development?

Planning Policy

Statutory Nuisance Cover
Planning Policy is the only book dedicated to planning policy, both national and local and includes coverage of the Housing and Planning Act 2016. It covers the policy framework within which planning decisions are taken. It addresses how national and local policy is formulated, examined and challenged.

Judicial Review: A Practical Guide Third edition

ASB lawbrief
From initial instructions to appeals and costs, the authors guide the reader through each step of the court process, and provide extensive case examples drawn from a broad range of claims. This readable and concise work includes procedural checklists and a library of precedents.

Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Legal Profession

ASB lawbrief
Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Legal Profession presents a comprehensive discussion of the cultural, structural and other causes of legal professionals’ compromised wellbeing.

Community Care Law and Local Authority Handbook Third edition

ASB lawbrief
Community Care Law and Local Authority Handbook examines the duties and responsibilities of local authorities in the provision of community care services particularly following the implementation of the Care Act 2014.

A Practical Guide to the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018

Homes Act lawbrief
This practical guide is suitable for legal practitioners and other professionals working in the private or social rental sectors, but is also likely to be useful to landlords and tenants trying to navigate their respective rights and obligations under the new law.

The Law of Compulsory Purchase

Statutory Nuisance Cover
The Law of Compulsory Purchase sets out the practice, procedure, policy and valuation of a compulsory purchase and allows you to find the answers you need quickly and easily.

Covid-19, Homeworking and the Law – The Essential Guide to Employment and GDPR Issues

Cornerstone on ASB
Written by the specialist Employment and Information Law Team at well-known advisors Forbes Solicitors, this book sets out practical guidance and suggestions based on experience before and during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Dementia and Human Rights

ASB lawbrief
With the fresh analytical tools provided in this book, policy makers and practitioners will gain new insights into how this broader perspective can be used to further promote the quality of life and quality of care for all those affected by dementia.

A Practical Guide to Antisocial Behaviour Injunctions

ASB lawbrief
This guide provides legal practitioners, social landlords, the police, tenants and their advisors with a practical guide to the current law governing the control of anti-social behaviour in England and Wales using Injunctions made under the 2014 Act (“ASBIs”).

A Practical Guide to GDPR for Schools

Cornerstone on ASB
Written by the specialist Information Law team at well-known Education Law advisors Forbes Solicitors, this book sets out practical guidance and suggestions based on experience of advising schools and colleges on their policies and practices before during and after the change to GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018.

A guide to UK data protection law with relevant provisions of the Data Protection Act 2018

The UK's exit from the European Union has resulted in changes to the principal UK Data Protection legislation namely the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016 (EU GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018). The revision of the GDPR, is now known as the 'UK GDPR'.

Housing Regeneration: A Plan for Implementation

A useful practical guide for anyone involved in the process of regeneration.

Cornerstone on the Planning Court

Cornerstone on the Planning Court 21
This practical and accessible text is an essential reference work for all potential users of the Planning Court whether they bring, defend or take an interest in the broad range of claims that now fall to the court to decide upon.
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