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Housing Regeneration: A Plan for Implementation

Housing regeneration book

A useful practical guide for anyone involved in the process of regeneration.

Written from an 'in house' perspective in response to the UK Government Housing White Paper released in February 2017, Housing Regeneration: A Plan for Implementation presents sustainable solutions to Britain's housing crisis.

Taking as its starting point an idea for a housing regeneration scheme, it provides an overview of each of the issues to be considered and the options for addressing them. In clear and concise language, it explains the issues and work involved in a regeneration scheme, answering questions such as who is involved, how is it paid for, what options are available and, importantly, what are the risks. It will appeal to lawyers, councillors, town planners, surveyors, chief officers, finance officers, procurement officers, project managers and students, amongst others.

Author: V. Charles Ward

ISBN: 9780815370246

Cost: £46.99 (Hardback)

Publishers: Taylor & Francis Inc

Publication Date: February 2018
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