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A Practical Guide To Permitted Changes of Use (3rd ed)

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The Third Edition of the definitive guide to permitted changes of use law and practice.

About the book

A Practical Guide to Permitted Changes of Use is the only up to date, comprehensive practical guide to permitted changes of use under the much changed General Permitted Development Order (‘GPDO’).
What’s new in the 3rd edition

This Third Edition of the book has been completely revised to reflect further legislative changes since the Second Edition was published and developing practice in the handling of prior approval applications under the various Classes of Parts 3 and 4.

Key changes covered and revisions include:

  • Part 3, Class AA – A4 with expanded food provision
  • Part 3, Class JA – change of use from A1, A2, or A5, or from a Betting Shop, Pay Day Loan Shop or Launderette to a B1 office
  • Part 3, Class M extended to allow additionally a residential conversion from A5
  • Part 3, Class P (residential conversion from B8 storage) has now lapsed
  • Part 4, Class CA – temporary provision of buildings, and use as a state-funded school on vacant commercial land
  • Part 4, Class D (temporary changes of use to various ‘flexible’ uses) has been expanded in scope to embrace a wider range of uses
  • Chapter 9, dealing with the residential conversion of agricultural buildings under Class Q, has been largely re-written and expanded to deal with the complex issues that have cropped up in practice
  • Appendix D has been significantly revised to reflect developing practice in dealing with the ‘structural’ issue that arises from the interpretation and practical application of paragraph Q.1(i)(i) in Class Q
  • a new Appendix E has been added (summarising appeal decisions on ‘structural’ alterations under Class Q)
  • a new chapter has been added drawing together, in one place, a number of practical issues arising from the prior approval process

Who should buy the book?

A Practical Guide to Permitted Changes of Use will be a valuable resource for all property and planning professionals including:

  • Architects
  • Town Planners in both the private and public sectors
  • Surveyors and Valuers
  • Barristers, solicitors, Licensed Conveyancers and other legal advisers
  • Professional builders and developers wishing to carry out residential conversions or to make other changes of use as Permitted Development

About the Author

Martin Goodall is a solicitor with over 35 years’ experience as a specialist planning lawyer.

He is a member of the Law Society’s Planning Panel and a Legal Associate of the RTPI. He is a member of the Planning Law team at Keystone Law and and the author of a popular planning law blog.
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Author: Martin Goodall

ISBN: 978-1-9164315-5-3

Cost: £60 (Print)

Publishing Details

Publication Date: November 2019
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