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Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Legal Profession

ASB lawbriefMental Health and Wellbeing in the Legal Profession presents a comprehensive discussion of the cultural, structural and other causes of legal professionals’ compromised wellbeing.

Legal professionals are thought to have higher levels of mental health issues and lower levels of wellbeing than the general population.

Drawing on qualitative data from new research with legal practitioners, this in-depth study of mental health and wellbeing in the UK and Republic of Ireland’s legal sector is a timely contribution to the urgent international debate on these issues.

The authors explore the everyday demands and difficulties of the legal working environment and consider the impacts on individuals, the legal profession and wider society.

Making comparisons with systems overseas, this is an invaluable resource that provides evidence-based suggestions for swift and effective organisational and policy-related interventions in the legal sector.

Author: Emma Jones, Neil Graffin, Rajvinder Samra and Mathijs Lucassen

ISBN: 978-1529210743

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Publishers: Bristol University Press

Publication Date: 24 Sep 2020

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