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LLG issues position paper on legal implications of Brexit for local government

Lawyers in Local Government has provided a statement to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government setting out its position on the more prominent legal implications of Brexit.

The statement, which followed detailed input from LLG’s branches and its corporate partners, also includes an examination of the EU exit more broadly on local government.

The document, which also raises questions where LLG feels clarity from the Ministry would be beneficial, covers:

  1. State Aid
  2. Public Procurement
  3. Immigration
  4. Structural Funds
  5. Voting in Local Government Elections
  6. Information Governance
  7. Insurance
  8. European Special Protection Areas and Habitats Regulations
  9. Ports, Public Health and Local Regulation
  10. Communities
  11. The High Street and Economy
  12. Safeguarding & Asylum Seekers
  13. Homelessness, Benefits and Council Accommodation
  14. Transfer of Undertakings
  15. Recognition of Qualified Lawyers
  16. Emergency Planning

A copy of the position paper can be viewed here.

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