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Remote meetings: natural justice and practical problems

Cornerstone Barristers discuss the new Regulations empowering local authorities to hold meetings remotely, looking at the natural justice implications of hosting virtual meetings and offer practical solutions to some of the problems local authorities are likely to encounter.

Session overview

Remote attendance by councillors

  • What are the conditions for "remote attendance" by councillors at meetings?
  • How in practice can you ensure that the conditions for remote attendance are satisfied?

Remote attendance by members of the public: participation and observation

  • What rights do members of the public have?
  • How do you give effect to them in practice?
  • Excluding members of the public from private meetings/private sessions and deliberation

Standing Orders

  • The default position for Standing Orders under the 2020 Regulations
  • How can councils amend their Standing Orders?
  • How can councils exercise "emergency" constitutional powers?

Last minute changes and natural justice

  • How and when can councils change the time, place or online platform for the meeting?
  • How and when can councils change or update reports and background papers?

Please see below the screen for links to the materials from this webinar:

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