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Former LLG President Horsfield runs for Yorkshire and Humberside seat on Law Society Council

Phillip Horsfield, Assistant Director - Legal Services at Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council and a former president of Lawyers in Local Government (LLG), is standing for election to the Yorkshire and Humberside seat for the Law Society Council.

In his personal statement Horsfield highlighted how he has served on the Council Membership Committee of the Law Society for a decade. “I will be able engage with the role quickly following the Election; I have an insight and understanding of the way the Society works to get things done and will ensure, with my fellow Council Members from Yorkshire, that the voice of our region is key in shaping actions at Chancery Lane.”

He pointed to his "proven experience" of being effective in representative roles having been President of LLG, and also to his roots in the region.

Horsfield added: “I have experience working with all sectors of the legal profession giving me familiarity and insight into challenges across our profession from legal aid to commercial property, from charities to banking, from sole practitioners to city firms.

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“I have a vision for the Society. The Society has multiple roles and an important voice in shaping legislation and the environment in which we operate. At the base of this though is the representation of our profession. The representation of our collective views, leadership in garnering and collecting together those views and expressing these is essential.

“Council Members should be at the heart of this process. I will be – with your help. A key strength of representative elections is that they do just that – they represent the views of their area and engage in discussions to bring those views to the centre.”

The Yorkshire and Humberside seat is a number being contested in an election, with ballots being sent out next week. The others are:

  • Ethnic Minorities
  • Family
  • In-house – Defence
  • Legal Aid
  • Major Corporate
  • North West London
  • Small Firms
  • Solicitors with Disabilities
  • South Wales
  • Women Lawyers

According to the Law Society, ballots are expected to be sent out via e-mail from Civica to members eligible to vote on or around 11 August.  Members will have until 4pm on Thursday 8 September to vote. Some members will be eligible to vote in more than one election (though members may stand in only one election in any given year). If members are eligible to vote in more than one election they will almost certainly receive more than one e-mail in relation to the ballot.

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