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Dale Farm Travellers fail in last-ditch High Court bid to stop eviction

Travellers at Dale Farm in Essex have failed in a last-ditch attempt at the High Court this afternoon to halt Basildon Council’s proposed evictions, it is understood.

Lawyers representing the group were seeking an injunction delaying the process until the authority had found “alternative, culturally-appropriate accommodation, as required by international law”.

Kathleen McCarthy, a spokeswoman for the Travellers, said before today's hearing: “This is our last chance to appeal to a judge to stop the eviction. We hope British justice will see fit to save us from this act of ethnic cleansing.”

The council has warned that it will enter the land and remove all portable and fixed structures, hardcore and hard standings unless the travellers do not leave by midnight tonight (31 August).

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Last week Amnesty International called on UK authorities to stop the eviction, saying it would leave up to 400 people homeless.

The human rights group also urged them to ensure their actions did not break international law.

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