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Goodman takes legal advisor role at Avon Fire & Rescue

Guy Goodman has joined Avon Fire & Rescue Services as Legal Advisor, Clerk & Monitoring Officer on a part-time basis.

Goodman was made redundant by Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service (LFRS) last November as a result of its continuing budget crisis.

A former National Chair of Solicitors in Local Government (one of the predecessor bodies to Lawyers in Local Government) in 2009/10, Goodman had been Head of Corporate Services (Solicitor & Monitoring Officer) at LFRS for seven years.

Prior to LFRS, he had spent 12 years as a local government lawyer at Lancashire County Council and then eight years at Leicester City Council.

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Goodman said: “My career is developing as a portfolio one and I have expanded my teaching practice with the Open University where I have been an Associate Lecturer in Law since 2007. In addition, I am in the process of developing a couple of consultancies.”

He is still the Convenor of the Fire Lawyers’ Network (a national Special Activity Area of LLG), Legal Advisor to the National Employers for Fire & Rescue Services, Legal Director of United Kingdom Rescue Organisation and Legal Advisor to the Chief Fire Officers’ Association on fire specific issues.

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