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Birmingham-based housing association to set up £500k+ legal panels

A Birmingham-based housing association is to set up legal services panels worth up to £540,000 over five years.

Castle Vale Community Housing Association has divided the framework into two lots:

  1. Governance, corporate, human resources and regulation, finance and securitisation, development and home ownership. (£246,750 over full contract period including extensions).
  2. Housing, property management and asset management. (£283,300 over full contract period including extensions).

The contract is envisaged to last for three years with the option to extend for up to a further two years at the housing association's discretion.

Castle Vale envisages appointing a minimum number of three and a maximum of five candidates per lot.

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Built in the mid 1960s, Castle Vale is one of the largest post-war housing estates in the Midlands. The housing association currently manages 2,400 homes.

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