Welsh Government legislative programme to contain consolidation Bill in bid to create single and fully bilingual law

The Welsh Government has confirmed that its next legislative programme will include the introduction of its first consolidation Bill, which is aimed at making the law in Wales more accessible.

“It will bring together a mass of very old, complicated legislation relating to listed buildings and the historic environment, to create a single and fully bilingual law which is easy to understand,” the Welsh Government said.

The five first year Bills in the programme will also include a Social Partnership and Public Procurement Bill, which will lead to more socially responsible public procurement and ensure “the fair work rights of workers”.

The Welsh Government will meanwhile bring forward new regulations “to support schools and teachers to deliver radical changes to Wales’ school curriculum”.

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The Renting Homes (Wales) Act will also be implemented, “which will improve the rights of people who rent their home, prevent retaliatory eviction, ensure homes are better places to live, and require that tenants are given written contracts”, the Welsh Government said.

The First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford said: “Our ambitious programme is only the start of the legislative journey in this Senedd.

“Our Programme for Government, with its focus on a stronger, greener and fairer Wales, sets out our longer term ambitions that require legislation. These include abolishing the use of commonly littered, single use plastics; bringing forward our Clean Air Act and addressing building safety to ensure another Grenfell never happens.”

Counsel General, Mick Antoniw said: “Our focus will be on delivering our legislative programme that is founded on our distinctively Welsh values.

“We will ensure that the new laws work to benefit the people of Wales in their daily lives. In terms of their rights at work, their ability to rent a home and making our streets safer for everyone.”