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Defendant found guilty of environmental offences after being caught burning waste by MOD helicopter

Wiltshire Council has successfully prosecuted a local resident for environmental and trading standards offences whilst he was operating a waste clearance service on Facebook selling sites across the county.

The defendant, Corey Ross Carr, of Somerset Crescent, Melksham, was caught on video by a passing MOD helicopter in one case where he was depositing and burning waste.

Carr appeared at Swindon Magistrates Court on 6 June 2022 and pleaded guilty to four environmental offences and one Trading Standards offence.

The offences were:

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  • 4 December 2020: failing in his duty of care for waste found to have been fly-tipped on land at Bishops Cannings, Devizes (off the A4 between Devizes and Beckhampton).
  • 17 November 2021: depositing controlled waste on land off Woodrow Road, Melksham.
  • 17 November 2021: disposing of waste in a way likely to cause pollution to the environment or harm to human health by burning a mattress and other waste.
  • Operating an unregulated waste facility on land off Woodrow Road, Melksham.
  • Between 19 November 2021 and 14 January 2022: falsely advertising in Dentons directory and on social media that his business CC Waste Removal & Clearance was "fully audited by the Environment Agency".

The waste on land off the A4 was traced by Environmental Enforcement Officers to a householder in Melksham. They were able to prove Carr had been paid to clear the waste but had failed to lawfully dispose of it.

The defendant was given a 12-month Community Order and fined a total of £1,295, including costs. He was also ordered to attend 12 mental health sessions and 10 rehabilitation sessions.

His co-defendant, Neill Ludlow of Woodrow Road, Melksham, had pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to knowingly permitting the deposited waste on land adjacent to his property.

Ludlow had denied allowing Carr to deposit waste and denied any knowledge about Carr burning a mattress. Ludlow was given an 18-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay costs of £1,200, plus surcharge of £22 to be paid within 28 days.

Cllr Dr Mark McClelland, Wiltshire’s Cabinet Member for Waste, said: “Fly-tipping is recognised as a national issue, and in Wiltshire we take it very seriously. As stated in our business plan, we will pursue fly-tipping prosecutions in our beautiful county.

“We have a very clear message: we will not tolerate fly-tipping and will continue to prosecute anyone who believes that they can flout the rules and blight our communities and environment.”

He added that the council would now make urgent representations to the Environment Agency to request they revoke Carr’s waste carriers' licence.

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