Leading child protection QC joins 1 Crown Office Row

A QC who specialises in child protection cases has joined 1 Crown Office Row in Brighton.

Darren Howe QC represents parents, children and local authorities across the whole range of children-related disputes.

1COR said Howe specialises in complex cases at High Court level and above involving:

  • Disputes as to the cause of catastrophic injuries and/or death of children, particularly cases that may involve complex and ‘cutting-edge’ medical and scientific evidence;
  • Allegations of recent or historic sexual abuse; Fabricated or induced illness;
  • Disputes as to the deprivation of liberty of a child; Parents with special needs;
  • Vulnerable or child witnesses.

He also has extensive experience in contentious private law cases involving allegations of parental alienation, intractable contact disputes, domestic and international relocation.

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Howe advises public and private bodies concerning child protection duties.

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