Adult Social Care 2017 LocalGovernmentLawyer 32 The genealogy and probate research industry has established a new regulatory body, the Association of Probate Researchers (APR), in response to the lack of regulation in the industry. The APR, which was incorporated in June 2016, is now a recognised body under the Professional Paralegal Register (PPR). The probate research industry is unregulated and the APR was set up as a voluntary, self-regulatory body which aims to raise standards and to offer protection to beneficiaries from hobby genealogists and fraudulent individuals. Cases of fraud Over the last five years awareness of the industry has grown through media exposure and commercial broadcasting shows resulting in firms and individuals who believe that they can become probate researchers with very little or no legal training and experience. This has resulted in millions of pounds being stolen from members of the public. The APR provides solicitors, local authorities and the general public with an assurance that if they engage a genealogy company listed on the APR membership directory, that this company meets very strict standards and is supported by a rigorous complaints procedure and compensation policy. APR at a glance The main objectives of the APR are: 1. To protect the consumer (beneficiaries) from unregulated probate research firms or individuals. The introduction of a new code of conduct for the probate genealogy industry comes not a moment too soon, write Fraser & Fraser Regulation in the genealogy and probate research industry