Adult Social Care 2017 LocalGovernmentLawyer 22 If No, view as to why an agreement was not reached? “Entrenched view of family member” “Due to entrenched positions of both parties” “There were 8 parties, with only 1 day there was not enough time” “Parties’ positions too entrenched” “The case involved allegations of financial abuse and fraud” “Some points were narrowed but there remained an ongoing dispute” Did the mediator have experience of Court of Protection? Yes 88.9% Don't know 7.4% No 3.7% If the case did not proceed to the Court of Protection, or if the case was in proceedings and mediation reduced the length of the proceedings, is it possible to estimate the cost savings achieved by using mediation? Yes 50.0% No 50.0% If yes, please indicate approximate savings “in excess of £30,000” “£20k plus - Trust costs and the usual contribution to the OS costs.” “